KDF is a wholly integrated biscuit manufacturing unit with ultramodern infrastructure and state-of-the-art machineries imported from the best Indian Suppliers and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. KDF is situated at Duhabi, Sunsari, Nepal. Our products today have succeeded in achieving consumer's trust and thus have succeeded in setting new international standards in the biscuit industry. The marketing experience has helped us to create an efficient marketing team and a well-established distribution network through out Nepal.

The company's uncompromising commitment to the safety and health of its consumers has helped the company in maintaining the highest level of hygiene, safety and quality standards in the manufacturing as well as supply chain process. The quality management system at KDF has been developed to meet the draconian requirements of the biscuit manufacturing in particular and the food industry as a whole. The company has succeeded in introducing its own lean concept of quality management with the help of its highly qualified and well-trained group members and staffs and its 25 years and above experience in the same field. This lean and strict quality control and management system has helped us to successfully achieve HACCP ISO 22000:2205 accreditation.

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